Education / Training

Touchscreens, Virtual Reality headsets, Augmented Reality – we have lots of options to help you tell your story, convey your information, or train your staff.

Related Projects

No matter what form it takes, educational applications can help understand concepts deeper.  We can help develop interactive solutions that help your client, visitor, or employee to learn in a fun way that excites them to learn more.  

WorkSafe VR Experience

We created an experience for WorkSafe Saskatchewan where visitors donned an Oculus VR headset, then placed their hands on objects in front of them while seeing what happens when things go wrong with a table saw, or a person with a box cutter is not attentive enough.

Ouch! Next time you’re really using a table saw or a box cutter you’re going to be a little more careful.

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SaskPower “Home Safety”

Location-based training

With our ability to open many kinds of architectural 3D models in VR, we also have a way to create a virtual version of a real space – great for scenario simulations and other kinds of location-based training.

How can Talking Dog help you with your education and training needs?