Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality

This technology provides the user with a fully immersive experience. Using a headset (Gear VR / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive), the user is “transported” to a different reality – either through live 360 video footage or in an 3D computer generated environment. Talking Dog is leading Virtual Reality development in Saskatchewan and is committed to staying ahead of the curve.

VR is becoming more and more popular as time unfolds with 360 videos popping up on YouTube and Facebook daily and with viewing headsets being announced by all the leading tech companies. These 360 videos are very engaging and have the ability to pull the viewer into the experience in an immersive way.

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We love VR! – check out our experiences:

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Room Scale VR with HTC Vive

Mosaic Augmented Reality Map

SaskTel 25 Augmented Reality phone viewer

Showcase an Event

360 Videography

VR Musical Ride exhibit for the RCMP

RCMP Musical Ride

Employee Training

Employee Training

Connect with Clients

Fly-by Views for Tourist Attraction

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