Sound / Music


Way back in 1999, Talking Dog became the only studio between Toronto and Vancouver fully authorized by Dolby for theatrical 5.1 mixing. While other 5.1 studios have sprung up since then, Talking Dog has always been on the leading edge for sound and music out here on the Canadian prairies.

  • ADR
  • Walla
  • Music recording, editing, mastering, scoring to picture
  • Final Mix ( including English, M&E, and stems as required )

Many people know the Talking Dog Studios logo from the closing credits of Canada’s most successful scripted television series ever, Corner Gas. We did the complete audio post and music for all six seasons.

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Distorted VR

Thanks to the forward-thinking policies of Creative Saskatchewan and our ongoing relationship with Minds Eye Entertainment, we have been pleased to create the complete audio for films shot in BC, but bringing the audio and video post production back to Saskatchewan.

These include Wesley Snipes in “The Recall”, Nicolas Cage in “The Humanity Bureau”, Christina Ricci / John Cusack in “Distorted”, Richard Dreyfuss / Gina Carano in “Daughter of the Wolf”, Nicolas Cage/Benjamin Bratt in “A Score to Settle”, and Mel Gibson/Scott Eastwood/Famke Janssen/Tyrese Gibson in “Dangerous”.



The Recall

The Humanity Bureau

A Score to Settle

Cagefighter: Worlds Collide

Other Projects

Within the past few years we’ve also done complete audio post for two Michael J Fox films (A.R.C.H.I.E 1 & 2), a dystopian action film (Supergrid) placed in near-future Saskatchewan from the makers of Wolfcop, a kids’ action movie (The Adventure Club), a romantic comedy (Welcome to Nowhere), a mid-life comedy (The Sabbatical), and two reality television series: Nightclub Confidential and Paramedics Emergency Response.

Ambisonic audio for VR

With our forays into 360 VR movies we have the expertise to create fully spatialized audio (using second order ambisonics) which then responds correctly to whichever way the viewer is looking in the 360 movie – The Recall, The Humanity Bureau, and Distorted all have VR films attached to them which Talking Dog co-produced and mixed.

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Our experienced foley team has been together since 1989, creating high quality foley performances for hundreds of television episodes and dozens of feature films. 

Audio cleanup

Do you have a bad recording that needs cleanup? We have the latest digital tools that allow us to remove background noise, reverb, distortion, and improve overall clarity. It’s simple, send us a link to your file, we clean it up and send a link back to you. Contact us for more info!

Sound Libraries

We’ve got some SFX and Music collections up available on our Sound Libraries page.