Past Projects

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

This technology provides the user with a fully immersive experience. Using a headset (Gear VR / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive), the user is “transported” to a different reality – either through live 360 video or in a 3D environment.

360 Videography

360 Videography captures your special moments from every angle. You’ll be able to watch them again and again, seeing something new with every viewing!

Experiential Marketing

Touchscreens, tablets showing Augmented Reality, portable VR headsets, and Oculus or HTC Vive all offer different ways to show your audience something surprising!

Education / Training

No matter what form it takes, educational applications can help understand concepts deeper.  We can help develop interactive solutions that help your client, visitor, or employee to learn in a fun way that excites them to learn more.  

App and Game Development

App Development – Ranging from game based, informative, or business driven, Talking Dog works with the client to develop an app that delivers the desired effect. Talking Dog can build apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Interactive Kiosks

Using a touchscreen, we give the user to satisfying interactive experience and guide them with 2D or 3D environments to explore.