Ambisonic Audio Services for VR

Click on the 360 video above to hear ambisonic audio in action. Be sure to wear headphones for the best experience.

Ambisonics technology has been around since the 70s.  But until recently with the advent of VR it hasn’t been widely used. We’ve been working with spatial surround sound mixes for many years and are incredibly excited by the immersive power of the ambisonic audio.

Over the last year we’ve worked on a few major film projects that have made good use of ambisonic audio for their VR content. The Recall, Humanity Bureau and Distorted have been shown at a number of VR festivals.

Available in the Oculus & Gear VR app stores.

Check out these 360 clips from our Facebook

The Recall VR

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The Humanity Bureau VR

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Distorted VR

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